"24x7 convenience to all users & their institutions to pay & collect payments / fees through Debit Card, Credit Card & Net Banking modes from banks across India."

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Should I use JustFees?


JustFees is an online fees payment facility that helps users to make payments to institutions and other organizations electronically rather than paying through cash or cheques. Users receive payment advice to help them keep record of their payment. Whether it is one-time payment or recurring month on month payments, JustFees offers the right solution that saves users, institutions and other organizations time and money.

2. What are the benefits of using JustFees?


JustFees offers its Users the convenience of online fee payments. Other benefits include:

• Payment history can be viewed & saved by the users and their institutions / organizations 

• JustFees guarantees credit to the Institution's / Organization's bank account. Follow up work associated with cheque returns or delayed fees payments are eliminated 

• Users, Institutions and other organizations can help in promoting green initiative & in reducing carbon footprint by using JustFees solution

For more details on other benefits offered by JustFees, please click on Benefits icon on our site


3. How do I set up my account with JustFees?

Setting up account with JustFees is easy & quick. It just takes 3 steps to pay fees to any institution across India. Just Register > Pay > Save


Institutions interested in signing up with us for collecting fees should complete a simple registration & can view list of their users paying fees through JustFees. Institutions can also download daily reports of fees received for them from our site.


4. Am I charged a fee for using the service of JustFees?


JustFees does not charge for registering or downloading payment history. However, a nominal fee is charged for processing each transaction. The same is made known in advance, before the user submits the transaction. 

• Institutions can collect fees from all its users through our portal at all inclusive package of Rs 999 per month or Rs 5000 for 6 months or Rs 9000 for 12 month period.

• Users can make fee payments to any institution across India at just Rs 50 per transaction or at 3% of fee amount if they are using Debit / Credit card or online net banking facility.


5. Do I have to give details of bank accounts?


No. JustFees does not require the users to give their bank details. However, users are required to provide the bank account details of their institution to ensure that their fees is credited to their institution's bank account. 


6. If I forget my password, how do I recover it?


No worries. If users forget their password, they may login by entering their email address and click on Forgot Password Icon. JustFees will email password to the Users’ registered mail id.


7. What is Transaction ID and should I quote Transaction ID in my communication with JustFees?


When Users pay through their Debit / Credit card or vide Net Banking mode, they need not provide us Transaction ID.


Users paying through Electronic Funds Transfer mode such as Bank Transfers or NEFT should paste the Transaction ID given by their bank in the Transaction box on our payment page. Absence of transaction ID may result in delay in settlement of fees.


It is recommended that users should save copy of the payment made including Transaction ID for any future use.


8. How do I add JustFees to my Bank Account if I wish to pay through bank transfer & NEFT?


Only those users who wish to pay fees directly from their bank account or vide NEFT should add just once, our account details as Payee, by logging into their bank's internet page. They can then proceed to pay fees to any institution regularly through JustFees. Users opting to use Bank Transfers / NEFT will find our account details in our email communication to them. For any assistance, they can also email help@justfees.com.